Additional resources on Medea:
1. The SHMOOP webite has some great student friendly material. The link below will take you to a page on some of the characters in simple English. You can easily navigate to lots of other areas from there.

2. and a “short version of the story via a YouTube clip!

3. And the ever brilliant SPARK NOTES

4. English Works : Notes on a range of texts including “Medea”

5. Quizlet FLASH CARDS  It is possible to create your own set. Puzzle pack answers HERE

6. Course hero : A little like Spark notes – but the language is easier.



LANDLINE 1. : “Foreign Fears” Looks at general concerns about foreign ownership of farms.  This also has the transcript on the page so it helps with developing listening skills as well as understanding the issue.

LANDLINE 2 : short video that explores the Kidman sale by also exploring the history of foreign ownership of farms in New Zealand.

Behind the News super short overview of one land sale some are concerned about.

Listening Task: Audio for the text activities:

EAL VCAA sample Exam – audio files

      learn english


Some more verb tense activities: English Grammar Bites – Learn English for teens pokemon Think about writing your own blog, reflecting on what’s around.  **********************************************************************88 theage The Age website includes a link to letters – a great source  for looking at the application of persuasive techniques **********************************************************************************8 language analysis You can use the link to quizlet above to help revise your understanding of key persuasive techniques.  Remember though – you do not need to name the technique.  The key is recognising where a technique is used and how this is designed to position / influence the reader / listener. slide share There are a number of slide shows available online that will help you recognise and explain the use of persuasive language techniques – the link about will take you to one – but there are others. *****************************************************************************************8 Some links related to the vaccination debate: ********************************************************************************* VCE students – knowing your text – some hints! ************************************************************************ Tips from top performers in VCE : Herald Sun Covers lots of subjects – not just English. ***************************************************************************8 Some links for further reading: ATAR notes forum: Scroll down about half way to find the link to EAL resources. The ATAR notes forum also has links to a number of articles that are good for language analysis. They are a bit old – but good for summary practice. Box Hill SC also has some useful articles for language analysis – although they are a little older. The issues blog VCE English Summary Lecture – Victoria University  September 2011 PRESENTER: David McLean B.A.(Hons.), Dip.Ed., M.Ed.Stds. Notes from the lecture.  Section 1 on Language Analysis has an excellent list of terms to describe tone and persuasive techniques, with illustrative examples ****************************************************************




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