LANDLINE: short video that explores foreign ownership of farms


Listening Task: Audio for the text activities:           learn english


Some more verb tense activities: English Grammar Bites – Learn English for teens pokemon Think about writing your own blog, reflecting on what’s around.  **********************************************************************88 theage The Age website includes a link to letters – a great source  for looking at the application of persuasive techniques **********************************************************************************8 language analysis You can use the link to quizlet above to help revise your understanding of key persuasive techniques.  Remember though – you do not need to name the technique.  The key is recognising where a technique is used and how this is designed to position / influence the reader / listener. slide share There are a number of slide shows available online that will help you recognise and explain the use of persuasive language techniques – the link about will take you to one – but there are others. *****************************************************************************************8 Some links related to the vaccination debate: ********************************************************************************* VCE students – knowing your text – some hints! ************************************************************************ Tips from top performers in VCE : Herald Sun Covers lots of subjects – not just English. ***************************************************************************8 Some links for further reading: ATAR notes forum: Scroll down about half way to find the link to EAL resources. The ATAR notes forum also has links to a number of articles that are good for language analysis. They are a bit old – but good for summary practice. Box Hill SC also has some useful articles for language analysis – although they are a little older. The issues blog VCE English Summary Lecture – Victoria University  September 2011 PRESENTER: David McLean B.A.(Hons.), Dip.Ed., M.Ed.Stds. Notes from the lecture.  Section 1 on Language Analysis has an excellent list of terms to describe tone and persuasive techniques, with illustrative examples ****************************************************************

English Works : Notes on a range of texts including “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”

Brooklyn – and a link to a number of other texts. brooklyn : Has some useful discussion questions and essay questions to think about. Wikispace : Summer of the Seventeenth doll General information about text response

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