Choosing the right book

We are all using some time in class at the moment to do some free reading.  How do you know if a book is the right one for you?  There’s no simple answer – but a friend of mine who is teaching in Shangahai suggests the following test:  

the ‘Five Finger’ test. Just follow the steps below!

Open a book to any page. Read the page, out loud if you can. Put up a finger for each word you don’t know. How many fingers do you have up?

1 WORD. This is easy for you to read! HAVE FUN!

2 WORDS. Just right. ENJOY!

3 WORDS. CHALLENGING! But try it and you might like it.

4 WORDS. VERY CHALLENGING! Read this book with some support from someone.

5 WORDS. TOO HARD! Save it for later when you are a better reader or have someone read it to you.
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