“online teacher training resources”

I recently received an email from the TESOL list that followed up a request made by a member for on-line training videos for ESL.  Larry Ferlazzo has provided a link here.    I’ve already followed the links to some excellent sites including a series from the BBC.  I have learned a whole lot more about teaching speaking and listening skills and learned about many more techniques.   These links are really useful as it is often difficult to find the time for professional development – I can take my time with these – and fit them in where I can.


As I have been exploring how to apply PoLT principles in the ESL classroom, I came across http://www.beyondmonet.ca/ch3_4.html .  This is a site recommended for further reading in the PoLT Online Professional Learning resource.  It highlights the importance of considering the needs of all individuals in our classes.  While some interpret care as the need for academic stimulation, others see “care” as something more related to the heart.  The response to the question: “Does my teacher care about me?” may have similar answers from a number of students, but very different implications.  Knowing our students will help in developing effective programs to enhance their learning.


While I have been resisting the move to using twitter, my favourite website as a resource for my ESL classes – Behind The News (BTN) – now has a twitter page :
http://twitter.com/behindthenews is twittering with some of their behind the scenes pics as well as comments.  I’m still not sure about using it in my classes – but I’ll keep watching it! It’s even possible to add a little code that will insert one of their pics into your own website – as you’ll see below in the “whispering sweet nothings” photo – looks like fun.
Whispering sweet nothings. on Twitpic