Australia Network website

This website has a guide to many TV shows that are available in Hong Kong through the Broadband Network.  The Learning English link has several options suitable for beginners through to older learners of English.  Form 7 students may find that the Study English section, even though it does target preparation for IELTS,  will provide  useful practice in a number of areas as well as helping you to learn vocabulary related to a number of different topics.

Lessons in your rucksack

Last year, my son took some time off university and spent six months in China – mainly in Beijing.  He had plans to do some English teaching while he was there even though he is not a trained English teacher.  I gave him a going away present – a book “Lessons in your rucksack: The complete TEFL guide” by John Hughes (pub Modern English Publishing 2005).  He had a rucksack and did use it for a number of lessons. 
I have just take up a teaching post in Hong Kong.  While I don’t have a rucksack, I now have a better understanding of some ways that TEFL and TESOL differ.  I have a lot to learn.  I brought the book with me just in case it might be useful – and it has been.  I have found it a rich source of ideas especially for conversation activities.  I also like the hints on what to do when there is not unlimited access to the photocopier as I have had in the past as well as ways to use local resources.  Highly recommended!