Improving your general knowledge

As mentioned in examiners reports for the last two years – you can improve your general knowledge as well as your pronunciation and vocabulary by watching the news and documentaries in English.  You can also watch some mini clips on the internet such as those from Behind the News (an Australian show).   The English Centre has newspapers as well as current affairs magazines.  You can read these at lunchtime or after school.  We will talk about this more in class – in the meantime – look at the new entries on the Form 7 page.

visual dictionary

On this site,(  there are defintions of some key words as well short video clips of people (some are english language learners) talking about their understanding of the words.   The latest set of definitions I saw today includes a number of words related to success at school – perserverence, challenge, empathy, exploration.  You can easily search for other words such as “motivation” .  For homework, have a look at some of these.  In class this week, we will talk about some of the words that are important in our speaking tasks – You could make your own video.