……hard to swallow…

One of the readings in class today said  “For most people, the truth about genetically engineered food is hard to swallow.”   This is a reminder that as well as understanding the vocabulary itself, you must be aware of the meanings of idioms and phrases.  If something is “hard to swallow”, it means it is difficult to believe.  You can look up the meanings of idioms using a web site such as The Free DictionaryEnglish Club Online also has a great reference sections with explanations for phrasal verbs and slang as well as idioms.  There is also a board outside the English Centre with idioms related to a certain theme.  This week it is “green”.   Just what does it mean to “go green”?

better than nice….


Remember when you are writing, to look for words that describe things in detail.  When the writer says someone is “nice”, what do they mean?  What do you mean?  Use the thesaurus and dictionary and some of the school resources to develop a bigger bank of words to use.

English Camp


The gathering at the start of the camp shows many excited faces.  We were lucky on the first day that the weather was so good.  We left school just after another group returned.  They had experienced three days of rain that ruined their outdoor activities.   Activities on the camp were run by the English Ambassadors who had spent two Saturdays training as well as completing planning in some after school meetings.  While the focus was on developing English skills, there was a great sense of team building and personal challenge.