Form 7 exam review

I hope you are all enjoying study break.  Make sure to balance what you are doing.  Look for times to speak English in a relaxed situation.  I’ll see many of you for revision, but make sure you have reviewed these notes as well as the materials on the Form 7 page before you come back for practice.  You must set yourself up to learn. Form 7 exam review  There are also some links on the Form 6 page you may find useful for general current affairs reading.

Form 6 speaking exam comments

You can find some comments about the Form 6 speaking exam here: final exam 2011 comments Form 6 Oral

It was great to hear the range of ideas you all had on the topics discussed. This report does focus on areas for improvement.  Many of these are similar to the areas we looked at after the first exam.  You must take note of this when doing discussions in the future.   Make sure you do some speaking / listening everyday. 
Go to for examples of short activities you can complete. Also, do the the summer assignment tasks which will include taping and uploading a presentation.
You can also leave comments on current issues – or comment on the comments of others by going here :

Form 6 & 7 (2011 – 2012)……. summer fun :)

mmmm. . . . .  maybe not “fun” though some of the links do have some fun.   So – to improve your speaking (especially fluency) during the holidays, there are some activities posted  on the Form 6 / 7 blog. (just click the link!) There are 4 main areas which will also help to develop your listening, reading and writing skills (especially by developing ideas and vocabulary!)
Do a little bit every day and you will be amazed at how much your speaking will improve.



The visit to Crossroads today was great.  Often, we talk about things without really understanding them.  At the start of the day, DJ asked us what we thought about people who were poor – and what poverty was.  The activities really showed some realities of poverty – and how hard it is to escape from that that cycle.  Best of all, he left us thinking about what we can do to help the billions of others in the world who struggle to survive each day.

BBC learning English

This is a reminder to all of you especially in Form 6 and 7.  There is a link on the right to the BBC learning English – 6 minute English page.  This is a place you can visit when you have a few minutes to spare.  One topic you might like to visit is the one about plastic pollution.  Remember, you can listen to the audio and download a PDF of the discussion to check the vocabulary.