Form 6 & 7 vocabulary building

Another site you can go to practice your listening skills as well developing your vocabulary at the same time is the BBC Learning English – Words in the News.  There are many sections you can check out but all of them will help improve your vocabulary – and as part of that, speaking and listening.  One section I just discovered today is words in the news – video.  While this episode is about a giraffe, it does include a phrase we talked about the other day in class “a pain in the neck”.  The key words are repeated several times so you have the chance to learn them.

There are also audio sections.  Remember you can download a podcast version as well as the text.  This episode about football was very interesting.  I would love to be at a game like that.  ……. or do you think football needs lots of shouting so it is exciting?  Another short episode with some useful vocabulary is about “Super Girls” a Chinese TV show. 
And while you are checking out the BBC web sites – look at the one from Learning English in China.  Let me know if you find it useful!