Year 9 & 10

WEEK 8 BLOGGING -final Challenge

TASK 1: Evaluate the Challenge.

This is your chance to give the organisers some feedback about the Challenge.  (Logan and John – you haven’t been here for the whole time, but you can still give feedback on your experience.

Go to this link:

TASK 2: Create a post on your blog reflecting on your participation in the challenge.



Week 5 : Music

week 6: Emojis

BTN episode on Music

An interesting read about music can be found here Music and the brain

Movie Maker Tutorial

Adding a blogging badge to your blog :

Week 1

Register for the blogging challenge

Students strike for climate (the Age)

ABC reports

You are what you eat

What the world eats

Survey creation:

An amazing collection of resources related to food HERE

School lunch survey on Survey Monkey

For those of you who want to do a little extra reading and work :

Learning HTML and CSS click HERE

Introduction : Blog evaluation

  1. – Photography blog – no longer being updated but can’t find the new one.
  2. This is a school blog from a Year 8 student.  It was archived in 2015.  Make sure you navigate to read some entries.
  3.  This is a more professional looking blog – though I do notice it doesn’t seem to have advertisements like some of the professional ones do.
  4. Probably more focused on an adult audience – though it does have “study tips” you may find useful in a few years.
  5. Written by a Year 8 student as part of an English class.  There are entries on a range of topics – so not on a single theme.
  6. Some interesting infographics – but it also shows some of the problems that can be faced when different platforms and permissions are required.
  7. A class blog from Canada.  Make sure you read the entries as well as look at the images.
  8.  A blog for a writing subject at school
  9. Something more likely to appeal to you in a few years
  10. another class blog as part of an English class.  It’s all about the writing – so Make sure you do the reading … Think about a comment you might write.
  11.  very commercial – but also a lot of Instagram stuff that may not show up at school
  12. One of the blogs we started work on last semester


Creative Commons Images …. We will discuss these in class!


“Old mobile phones”by allytibbitt is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


I have started to have a play with the new set up 

Kurunjang 2019…….. Story telling and blogging

Some interesting blogs to look at for starters


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