how to learn 11 languages

Well – let’s start with just 2!  This young person is fluent in 11 langauges. OK so he is a student! – but how did he do it? Watch the clip.  Living in a community helps.  (Learning in context).  He also talks about learning songs. Most of you are learning three languages.  Is it impossible?  Not if you find the right method and love what you do!

Form 6 & 7 (2011 – 2012)……. summer fun :)

mmmm. . . . .  maybe not “fun” though some of the links do have some fun.   So – to improve your speaking (especially fluency) during the holidays, there are some activities posted  on the Form 6 / 7 blog. (just click the link!) There are 4 main areas which will also help to develop your listening, reading and writing skills (especially by developing ideas and vocabulary!)
Do a little bit every day and you will be amazed at how much your speaking will improve.

My message


For English Speaking Day, students watched the video “We’re all in this together” – then wrote their own message on their passport and shared this with others including their teachers and the English Ambassadors.  It was great to hear so much about what everyone sees as really important.  There was a lot of “English Speaking” happening and many prizes were collected.