Form 7 exam review

I hope you are all enjoying study break.  Make sure to balance what you are doing.  Look for times to speak English in a relaxed situation.  I’ll see many of you for revision, but make sure you have reviewed these notes as well as the materials on the Form 7 page before you come back for practice.  You must set yourself up to learn. Form 7 exam review  There are also some links on the Form 6 page you may find useful for general current affairs reading.

discussing the news

I have set up a new blog for Form 6 and 7 at :

The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the issues as they appear in the newspapers.  If you were in Form 6 earlier this year you will understand the importance of keeping in touch with current events.  To be able to add examples about issues you are discussing can give you an edge in discussion as well as writing.
If there is something interesting you have noted in the news, write a short entry and e-mail it to me.  I’ll post it on the blog.  You can comment on any of the entries at any time.

There’s a special reward from Aus. for the first person from 6S or 6A to make a comment on any of the posts made over the next few weeks.
Enjoy the break – though most of you have already said you will spend a lot of time studying.!  Remember to use some of that “study time” to do some general reading.

Form 6 debates

I hope your planning is well underway.  You haven’t had much time but you will have the chance to develop your skills especially for your speaking exam.  You can see a tape of sections of the South China Morning Post final debate from earlier this year (only one side of the case!) :  These students have had more time to research their topic and prepare their speeches.  You may still get some ideas about using evidence and how to present your case.