Form 6 – 7 holiday reading

Each year, the examiners comment on the lack of general knowledge that many students have.  A recent survey has also highlighted the huge amount of time that students in Hong Kong spend on Internet games.  If you want a good score at the end of Form 7, you must improve your vocabulary and understanding of many more issues in the world.
Even if you don’t get the newspaper every day, there are many sources on the Internet.  You could play an hour less of games and put an hour into reading about what is happening in the world.
In The Standard today, there is an article about students working on the  mainland   How much do you know about working in areas outside Hong Kong?  Would you like to study in a mainland school?  What do you think about the recent disruption in factories such as Toyota in China? 
I will add occasional comments here during the summer break.  You should collect some articles and comment on them.