Amazingly good.  See the details from Brenda on the teaching page.  I created two sets of cards – one with questions and the other with the “points” including Typhoon cards.  The distribution is shuffled and random.   The points card is drawn after the team has answered correctly.  It’s great fun – especially when the team in front loses all their points to the typhoon.  Slightly different rules to the ones I used can be found on the GenkiEnglish site.   I think I’ll change the rules each time just to keep them on their toes!.


Kerry looks like she is taking this game seriously

In the game of “Concentration”, half the cards have a word we are studying and the other half have a definition of that term.  The cards are turned upside down, and a grid (like a Street directory) is added.  Students take turns to call out two cards.  If these match, they are kept.  If not, they are turned back over and it is the next person’s turn.  We have been playing the game in teams.  This helps with speaking and listening as well.