Learning English using YouTube

As you sit on the MTR, you can play games or watch silly YouTube videos – even music.  This will help you to relax.  Another possibility is to link in to some useful lessons for English.  Two I saw in a recent newsletter are:
Rachel’s English and
English with Jennifer

There are lessons on pronunciation as well as grammar.  These will reinforce what you learn in class.  Looking at something once is not learning it.  You need to go back over vocabulary as well as key pronunciation.  A little bit every day will make a huge difference.

Current Affairs on the Internet

Watching some of these shows can give you ideas for discussion on many topics as well as writing.  It can also help your listening skills.  This one on Hidden Youths from the Pearl Report links to one of the discussions in the set text (for Groups 1 &4) HIDDEN YOUTHS
If you go to the main page (CLICK HERE) you will find links to past episodes.  It’s a great activity when you want to relax a bit and get a break from grammar!

Another source of current affair episodes is HONG KONG CONNECTION.  Available reports include the use of public open space, waste management, e-shopping and public housing.

Holiday update

I’ve just come back from 4 amazing days in Canberra – the Capital of Australia.  I spent hours at museums – and even a LEGO exhibition.  Did you use LEGO when you were a child?  Do you still play with LEGO.  The models were amazing.
In the meantime, there are more reference articles for you to read and comment on in the “What do you think blog”  – one on punishment – (maybe you’d like to suggest what the punishment should be if anyone doesn’t do all of the homework I set for the holidays!!!! What “reward” should I bring back for the person who has done the most / best recording?
I’ll also  add an article on sleeping from the ABC. I’m sure that’s something many of you have been doing a lot of during the holidays.

Form 6 speaking exam comments

You can find some comments about the Form 6 speaking exam here: final exam 2011 comments Form 6 Oral

It was great to hear the range of ideas you all had on the topics discussed. This report does focus on areas for improvement.  Many of these are similar to the areas we looked at after the first exam.  You must take note of this when doing discussions in the future.   Make sure you do some speaking / listening everyday. 
Go to http://skhsslmc67.edublogs.org/ for examples of short activities you can complete. Also, do the the summer assignment tasks which will include taping and uploading a presentation.
You can also leave comments on current issues – or comment on the comments of others by going here : http://skhsslmc2talk.edublogs.org/