Form 6 & 7 (2011 – 2012)……. summer fun :)

mmmm. . . . .  maybe not “fun” though some of the links do have some fun.   So – to improve your speaking (especially fluency) during the holidays, there are some activities posted  on the Form 6 / 7 blog. (just click the link!) There are 4 main areas which will also help to develop your listening, reading and writing skills (especially by developing ideas and vocabulary!)
Do a little bit every day and you will be amazed at how much your speaking will improve.

Exam preparation 6&7


Here is a quick check list of some things you can do to prepare for the exam as well as a review of the skills you should show during the exam.
6_7 oral exam prep
Form 6 students – please note that I will be doing over 6 hours of listening to presentations and discussions as the “Examiner”.  I want to be interested – and I want to see students interested and engaged in what they are doing!  I do not want to fall asleep.

No homework? Feeling bored?

Don’t worry F 6 & 7.  There are loads of links here you can use for listening and speaking as well as writing. Examples include: for listening, the Academic word list for vocabulary development, the You Tube “th” lesson on the Form 7 page, collocations exercises, BBC learning Englishand a whole lot more.  Don’t feel bored (not boring!) on a Friday night ever again.


You will see I have added a special page for homework.  Homework will not be difficult – it will connect to what you are doing outside of class.  Sometimes you will write a journal entry, other times, you will do reading.  It is most important that you make the time to complete your homework.  It is your way of improving your learning.