how to learn 11 languages

Well – let’s start with just 2!  This young person is fluent in 11 langauges. OK so he is a student! – but how did he do it? Watch the clip.  Living in a community helps.  (Learning in context).  He also talks about learning songs. Most of you are learning three languages.  Is it impossible?  Not if you find the right method and love what you do!

Form 6 speaking exam comments

You can find some comments about the Form 6 speaking exam here: final exam 2011 comments Form 6 Oral

It was great to hear the range of ideas you all had on the topics discussed. This report does focus on areas for improvement.  Many of these are similar to the areas we looked at after the first exam.  You must take note of this when doing discussions in the future.   Make sure you do some speaking / listening everyday. 
Go to for examples of short activities you can complete. Also, do the the summer assignment tasks which will include taping and uploading a presentation.
You can also leave comments on current issues – or comment on the comments of others by going here :



The visit to Crossroads today was great.  Often, we talk about things without really understanding them.  At the start of the day, DJ asked us what we thought about people who were poor – and what poverty was.  The activities really showed some realities of poverty – and how hard it is to escape from that that cycle.  Best of all, he left us thinking about what we can do to help the billions of others in the world who struggle to survive each day.


You will see I have added a special page for homework.  Homework will not be difficult – it will connect to what you are doing outside of class.  Sometimes you will write a journal entry, other times, you will do reading.  It is most important that you make the time to complete your homework.  It is your way of improving your learning.

Learning journey

Our Learning journey

In class yesterday, we talked about how learning is like a journey.  Most of you said that at the start of your journey, learning English, you really wanted to be able to speak English well – and for some of you this was so you could make friends.  We also looked at how things change during the journey.  Sometimes things get difficult at and times like that, it is important to be persistent. Most of you think that you have learned a lot – but still have a way to go.  We also talked about the things we need to pack for this journey…. Things like a dictionary, thesaurus and books are important.   We also talked about motivation, hard work and a positive attitude as things that are important.