Pearl report – Elite athletes

We have talked about the importance of listening as well as using current events to develop vocabulary and ideas.  The Pearl report last week focused on Elite athletes – the same topic as the guided practice for Form 4 in Chapter 5.  You should try to watch and review relevant episodes of this show.   These shows are only available on line for a limited time so make sure you watch them. Note relevant phrases and expressions that you may find useful.

……hard to swallow…

One of the readings in class today said  “For most people, the truth about genetically engineered food is hard to swallow.”   This is a reminder that as well as understanding the vocabulary itself, you must be aware of the meanings of idioms and phrases.  If something is “hard to swallow”, it means it is difficult to believe.  You can look up the meanings of idioms using a web site such as The Free DictionaryEnglish Club Online also has a great reference sections with explanations for phrasal verbs and slang as well as idioms.  There is also a board outside the English Centre with idioms related to a certain theme.  This week it is “green”.   Just what does it mean to “go green”?

Climate change

Over the next few months you will be reading a lot in SCMP and other newspapers about climate change.  The 15th International Climate Change Conference will be held in December in Copenhagen.   A new report on Behind The News explains this in simple English.  It’s a good way to learn some of the vocabulary you might need to understand more difficult articles.


Kerry looks like she is taking this game seriously

In the game of “Concentration”, half the cards have a word we are studying and the other half have a definition of that term.  The cards are turned upside down, and a grid (like a Street directory) is added.  Students take turns to call out two cards.  If these match, they are kept.  If not, they are turned back over and it is the next person’s turn.  We have been playing the game in teams.  This helps with speaking and listening as well.