Exam preparation 6&7


Here is a quick check list of some things you can do to prepare for the exam as well as a review of the skills you should show during the exam.
6_7 oral exam prep
Form 6 students – please note that I will be doing over 6 hours of listening to presentations and discussions as the “Examiner”.  I want to be interested – and I want to see students interested and engaged in what they are doing!  I do not want to fall asleep.

Pronunciation exercises

Dave Sconda’s English Meeting site has some great exercises you can use to fine tune aspects of your pronunciation and be more aware of how you are saying words. We have looked at one of these earlier with the “th” sound – voiced and voiceless.  This link will open access to any other sounds.  Great practice and it won’t stretch your brain too much! Try an exercise instead of a computer game after you finish your other homework.