Pearl report – Elite athletes

We have talked about the importance of listening as well as using current events to develop vocabulary and ideas.  The Pearl report last week focused on Elite athletes – the same topic as the guided practice for Form 4 in Chapter 5.  You should try to watch and review relevant episodes of this show.   These shows are only available on line for a limited time so make sure you watch them. Note relevant phrases and expressions that you may find useful.

keeping up with current events

As I mentioned in class today, RTHK has a number of great programs covering relevant issues.  Watching these types of shows will help develop ideas for discussion.  By talking along with the text you can also work on your pronunciation and grammar at the same time.  Click HERE for a list of the latest episodes.  As I mentioned in class, the issue of gifted children has appeared in a number of discussions.  I will not be showing this in class but you will add to your own understanding by watching it.  It is easier to watch on the small screen anyway.  You can use MMLC or the English Centre to catch up on viewing!