The Pearl Report has some great issues relevant to Hong Kong.
January – The Beauty industry in Hong Kong.   Note, these shows are only available on line for a limited time.

Using Media articles
1. Listen without the text
2. Listen while reading the text
3. Listen for a third time and read aloud along with the tape and the text

In a speaking / listening journal, note down two things you learned (see) , what you think abut this issue – esp the examples discussed in the program and what you wonder about the future. (see –  think – wonder)

Identify vocabulary you don’t know

1. BBC Learning English – Six Minute English
Six minute English – There are some general stories that have themes like those in the Form 6 exams as well as some themes that are a bit more general.

suggested episodes  include
Stand up straight August 10 2010
* Social Networks May 26 2011
* Social Mobility April 14 2011
* Scam Mail Feb 3 2011
* Shark Fin Soup Feb 10 2011
* Men and health Nov 11 2010 (this one has a few interesting phrases as well).
* Dress codes for work Oct 28 2010
* Plastic pollution – again, a 2010 episode – and one that regularly appears on exam papers.

There’s a lot more there – but that would be a good start – one each week!

You can download the audio as well as the text so you can follow it. – this can then be played several times. / download as a podcast

2. BBC Video words in the News : There are many episodes you can watch in a reasonably relaxed way.  Follow the same procedure as suggested above.

3. . Some of these are video episodes, some are listening and text.
Winning at sports This one is good for looking at some different expressions you can use in a discussion.
Go to the Form 5 page for some examples of video presentations you can learn from

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