As you read these articles, look at the main ideas and opinions expressed (if any). What is your opinion of the issues in the article?  How does this relate to your life / your school?  What further questions do you have? It’s a little like “See, Think Wonder” – something we have done in class.

English Standards in Hong Kong SCMP (3rd Feb 2013)

Dogs help bedroom hermits regain confidence : (SCMP January 27 2013)

Kai Tak airport runway – what would you do?  (Hong Kong Standard,Jan 18. 2014)

Having fun in Hong Kong: Would you like to join in this game?  (SCMP Young Post December 17,2012)

Environmental effects of dams: While we think the solution to a lack of water is to build more dams, sometimes, the solution can be worse than the intial problem.  (SCMP Young Post June 06 2012)

Overseas study :   Would like to attend University or even another school overseas? – where would you like to go?  (Hong Kong Standard,Dec 4. 2012)

Abandoned pets: A crocodile was found abandoned in a rubbish dump.  How many pets are dumped each year as they get too big too handle?  (Hong Kong Standard,Dec 11. 2012))

Embracing the imperfect in life : Is it important to always be perfect?  What imperfections do you have?  how do you deal with them? (SCMP Young Post Dec 07 2012)

Grime fighting saves lives: The benefits of hand-washing and cleaniness (SCMP Young Post, 7 Nov. 2012)

Psy: One-hit wonder or K-pop breakthrough?: Will he be able to carry on from his hit Gangnam Style (CNN, 16 Oct. 2012)

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